Manage your solar energy usage and savings in real time.


Track your savings on monthly utility bills

Going solar gives homeowners true energy independence—generating their own consistent power, free from monthly utility bills. Now, take control of how much you save! With Palmetto Home, you can keep track of savings and identify ways to save even more across the lifecycle of your solar panel system. Fully integrated with smart thermostat technology, Palmetto Home can be accessed right from your phone, so keeping up with your solar savings is easier than ever before.


Monitor your solar energy consumption

As a solar homeowner, you want to maximize your monthly savings on utilities. With Palmetto Home, you’ll be able to manage and track your energy consumption right to your smartphone or tablet—all in real time!


palmetto product & service specials

Homeowners expect great cost savings from their solar panel investment. Palmetto Home software keeps you connected to exclusive insights and special product and service offerings from Palmetto that can help you save even more.


Manage solar at multiple properties with Palmetto Fleet

Own more than one home that’s powered by solar? Palmetto Fleet provides a consolidated view of all your homes energy consumption. With Fleet, you can detect appliance issues or manage energy bills for all of your homes from one easy, centralized dashboard.

Start tracking your savings today.

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